Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We have been on a chair shopping binge! These are some of our new arrivals at Willa Home. Enjoy your browse.

This green chair is even prettier in person. The color is brighter and there is cording accenting each of the scallops.

This little cutie is perfect for a little girls room, bathroom or bedroom. The original fabric is in great shape.

We love this pink armchair! The scale is large enough for bedroom or living room and the profile is so interesting. Very comfortable as well.

A little sweetheart slipper chair. Again perfect for a vanity or little girls room. Original fabric in excellent shape.

We have 4 of these old french, carved beauties! Aren't they gorgeous? In excellent shape and just beautiful upholstery.

And we had to share this little french settee with you even though it is already sold. It was our new favorite piece and we knew it wouldn't last long(ha, less than a week!). Isn't it sweet?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Pretty.

Sometimes as a store owner, you can look around you and not like the way anything looks in the store. Nothing sparkles, everything seems dull. It might be a mood directing that or it might be how the store feels when a great anchor piece leaves. Like that great piece was the glue and now nothing looks cohesive.
So last week we did a big rearrange to get some of that sparkle back. These are pictures of little vignettes we created around the store mixing contemporary and vintage. Enjoy!