Monday, March 30, 2009

Love this!

This beautiful chest is currently one of our favorite antique pieces at Willa Home. You can really see in this example why it's called flame mahogany.
Flame or crotch-cut mahogany is cut at the crotch where a limb protruded from the trunk of the tree, producing a flame-like figuring. Flame sounds so much more elegant than crotch-cut, don't you think?
It's a cutting technique also used with other fine hardwoods, including walnut, and is extremely expensive, given the limited number of major limbs on any trunk. It is a hallmark of quality in furniture construction and is highly-prized for its inherent beauty.
This piece would be great in a bedroom but even better in a dining room or entry hall where the fire in the woodgrain can really be seen.


  1. It's a beautiful piece. Mahogany is a beautiful wood and this proves it. Thanks for the info, I love learning more about things.


  2. The new blog is wonderful!! I loved the story of the boxer and this piece is drool worthy!!