Monday, March 23, 2009

The Boxer

The mystery has been solved about the new man in our lives! The handsome subject of this old, rather large (6'8"tall) oil portrait has been identified as Jim Jeffries. He is a fairly recent addition to Willa Home and has been enjoying a bit of notoriety being a famous old boxer from the early 1900's. Wouldn't he be gorgeous in a man's library or game room? The painting has some repair spots and has been relined. But he is stopping men and women in their tracks when they see him!

James Jackson Jeffries ("The Boilermaker") (April 15, 1875 – March 3, 1953) was a world heavyweight boxing champion. He was also a sparring partner of Gentleman Jim Corbett. He started boxing as an amateur at age 16 until he turned professional at age 20.
Jeffries stood 6 ft (183 cm) tall and weighed 225 pounds (102 kg) in his prime. Despite his bulk, Jeffries was a trained sprinter who could run 100 yards (91 m) in just over ten seconds, and could purportedly high jump over 6 feet (180 cm).
He was known for fighting in a crouch position learned from his trainer which can be seen in the portrait above and the second photo below.

Jeffries has the record for the quickest KO in a heavyweight title fight ever, which was 55 seconds. We think he is a knockout!


  1. Elena & Lisa,

    Let me be your first post to congratulate you both on your new blog!
    So, this is the famous Boxer I have heard so much about...boy, he sure is a hottie! lol
    I'm overdue for another visit to your fabulous joint venture at Willa Home.
    My best wishes for both of ya both!



  2. LOVE this man!! Congrats on your blog. It was so much fun getting together yesterday!!! Lynn

  3. Congrats on the new blog. I've moved too :)

    What a great painting, it'd be perfect for a professional boxer or a gym that caters to boxing.

  4. Handsome guy. He would have had his own TV show if he'd been around these days.

  5. Thanks Deb! And for always being so supportive.
    Lynn, it was fun and informative for us too!
    Candi, you are right. We should send his picture out to some!
    Linda, he actually was in some early movies so good instincts.
    Lisa & Elena